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Charlotte Marquardt -CAFTP, CFTBS
& Mirian Hasani -CAFTP, CFTBS

We Are Cat Behavior Specialists

We speak “Kitty Cat” and we're going to teach you how to think like a cat, put your kitty glasses on, and see the world as your kitty sees it!

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Thinking Outside The Box.

We believe that every kitty deserves a loving home. Our CharMir Method is designed to help pet parents eliminate negative behavior patterns in their feline companions, helping reduce the number of cats that end up in shelters due to behavioral issues, and saving countless lives in the process. Let us guide you through our program and share our knowledge with you and your furry friend.

Fully Certified Cat Experts


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What is the CharMir Approach?

The CharMir Approach is built around a shared commitment between the pet parent, their cat behavior specialist and the mutual dedication to the kitty patient.


Cat Behavior Consultations

We offer virtual and in-person consultations to help cat parents identify and resolve their cat's behavioral issues. Our consultations involve communication, habit identification, action planning, retraining, modification, improvement, and resolution of behavioral issues.


Virtual Consultations

Our virtual consultation packages are designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need to address your cat's behavioral issues from afar, whether it be out of state or international, we are here to help. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with our expert behaviorists.

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E-mail Consultations

Our e-mail consultations provide you with a customized packet that includes a Behavioral Analysis & Action Plan Report, tailored resources, and access to follow-up inquiries and exclusive email correspondences. This is a convenient option for clients with busy schedules.


In-home Consultations

Our in-person consultations provide personalized solutions for your pet's behavioral issues. Our  behavior specialists will visit your home, assess your pet's behavior, and provide a uniquely tailored plan to address any concerns you may have. This option allows a deeper look into the behavioral problem.


How Can We Help You?

Not sure if it's time to call a Cat Behavior Specialist? Take a look at the many issues we can help you with and see if we're a good fit.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Mirian and Charlotte quickly helped improve the quality of life for my entire family (me, my husband and two cats) by helping me understand my moody cat's unmet needs and fears."

"Charlotte and Mirian have become Truffle’s beloved aunties, and I cannot recommend them highly enough if you need guidance in dealing with any type of kitty issue."

"We are so grateful for K-9 Kats and The Kitty Shrink. We have the utmost confidence, trust and appreciation for the care they deliver to fur babies in the LA area."

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